Gold and Vinyl comeback.. in Wallpaper?

Remember all the LP’s that made our parents arguably spend for all that Hi-Fi quality? I do. My dad has more records than living room.. Today, you like me, consume your poison from a Smartphone or Computer of sorts. Why not download a mix of true retro vibes for those nice big screens?

One of the early World-Timers, the Wittnauer Dual Time, took a unique approach to multiple time zones. Having two independent movements is more difficult for the watchmaker, but contrariwise more simple for the user and stylistically very appealing to the eye. Any of the OCD inclined will immediately notice the pleasant symmetry on this piece.

I’ve been a DJ and Recording Arts major for over half my life now. The print/painting in the background is of a classic vinyl DJ in his studio. Both themes presented in my wallpaper are familiar and meaningful to me, while at the same time fitting an era of years gone by that many of us just aren’t ready to let go of yet..

Download a host of my free Gold LP Wallpapers Here

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